Firearms Training with the Body and Brain in Mind

What is NBFT?

Neural Based Firearms Training, (NBFT) is an approach to training that utilises a variety of methodologies to maximise the learning situation for the student/individual.


Working with elements from Neuro-Linguistic Programming,

Accelerated Learning and Neural Based Learning methods, we have developed an approach to Firearms Training, that teaches beyond the physical elements of shooting, and actively focuses on building the correct mental pathways for success.


NBFT can be used by Law Enforcement and Military Instructors, as well as individual students to increase learning potential, establish concrete positive neural pathways and maximise learning when faced with a restricted time frame. 

Who we are

NBFT has been develop by our lead instructor, who has over twenty years of experience as a Firearms Officer and sixteen years, respectively, as an Instructor.


Continued personal research and study with regard to the importance of Brain Based Learning, has shown the author the critical importance of positive intervention and instruction with students and individuals.


Our Lead Instructor is a Master Practitioner and Accredited Trainer of NLP, holds a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and is a Qualified Performance Coach.


All trainer/Instructors that we provide have been personally trained by our Lead Instructor, whilst also seeking their own personal and professional development

within this field.

What we offer

We provide Training Courses at your location, for instructors and coaches in Neural Based Training Methods, to enhance teaching, training and learning opportunities.


Adopting the approaches, we teach will increase students’ success potential, reduce their development time and effectively maximise their initial training time.


This is particularly important when faced with a restrictive and collapsing time frame for learning, thereby allowing organisations to develop and produce a more rounded and capable individual, than that required tomerely pass a basic organisational assessment.

Neural Based Firearms Training




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